As he watched his sister berate the other male, Cinderscar couldn't help but feel a guilty pleasure in watching him heel. His enjoyment was short lived as he suddenly found himself dragged into the trouble, simply because he was near by. Knowing better than to argue he jumped at her prompting, falling in line lest he receive a harsher reprimand. Stormdancer seemed pleased with herself, being able to command her siblings so easily, and hustled them into a quick pace that wasn't quite a run. Copperfire growled his discontent and received a nip to keep him in line, leaving Cinderscar to be ignored as he lagged behind. She seemed content as long as they stayed relatively close, naturally paying closer attention to Ravenbrow than him. He wanted to catch up and even surpass them, but knew better than to try and upstage his cocky brother, who could barely keep up as it was. His efforts weren’t likely to impress Stormdancer either and would only cause her to set a more rigorous pace.

When they had reached the river the third time Cinderscar recognized the area, spotting the abandoned bear cave upriver from his hide out. Hungry, he waded into the shallow riverbank and waited for the silvery flash of scale to get too close. His first catch landed at Copperfire's feet, who promptly snatched it up without invitation. He was now obligated to give Stormdancer the next one he caught, despite his annoyance at there presumption, and grabbed two more to avoid going without, should one of them decide they wanted more. As he shook the water from his coat he realized his sister was staring at him, and it occurred to him that he shouldn't have shown them his ability to fish. He knew right away that this was going to cause problems for him. Copperfire wouldn't likely care, but Stormdancer was too nosey to let something like this slide. He would have to be more careful from now on.

Grayback met them half way home. He had been out hunting when they left and was not pleased to find them wandering alone, even if Stormdancer was familiar with the territory. The afternoon was slipping into early evening by the time they reached the den and were surprised to see Fieldspirit sitting in a sunny patch of grass, the newborns tentatively exploring around her. The three cubs, two females and a male, were originally five, but the other two had not survived. The entire pack felt the loss, but the adults knew it sometimes happened. Grayback had lain them to rest in the old bear cave, a place the scavengers wouldn't dare violate.

They were all comforted by the fact that the remaining trio were healthy, strong and very active. It took them little time to shake the fear of the outdoors and soon had the whole pack involved in keeping them in sight. Even Cinderscar, who normally shied away from the newborns, was able to take some delight in their antics. They tired quickly, however, and soon were once again nestled within the cliff-side den with Fieldspirit.

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